High Rise Window Cleaners

CJE is now servicing both Residential & Commercial High-Rise Buildings.  This is a professional service with experienced and certified high rise window cleaning professionals. We are fully insured, including workers comp.

Our professional and skilled employee starts their descent from your rooftop using a bosun’s chair (also known as “boatswain’s chair”) along with required tools and equipment. Modern bosun’s chairs incorporate safety devices similar to those found in rock climbing harnesses such as safety clips and additional lines.

This service is perfect for inaccessible windows with fixed panes,  or with inaccessible balconies. High rise services are done exclusively ely with HOA or Property Management.  Have your Building Property Management contact us and schedule an appointment for an estimate at (561) 493-4609 or through our quote request form.


Put your best face forward with sparkling windows.

First off, the most obvious advantage is aesthetics – clean windows on your building leave a positive impression on your clients. This is particularly essential for shops and retail establishments. After all, customers will never opt to shop in an unkempt, dingy store.

Additionally, clean windows lead to an unobstructed,  beautiful view of the outside world. Employees will feel more satisfied as they will start to feel less enclosed. This is particularly essential for those who work in tall skyscrapers where an open sky view can enhance levels of contentment and motivation.

Enhanced natural sunlight is a benefit that can help you save big on electricity bills as your dependence on artificial light will be scaled down remarkably during daylight hours. Relying more on natural light can lead to a more eco-friendly and  greener environment and help you to increase your green credentials.

Scheduling Service

Your building can be serviced quarterly, every 6 months, or annually.

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Now serving all cities in Palm Beach County, including Delray Beach, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Royal Palm Beach, Ocean Ridge, Jupiter, Boynton Beach and Palm Beach Gardens.

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